Two things you need to know

We do not interfere in the setting up and creation of your animations

We cannot provide funds to pay for said animations.


Main Stage

Pour participer à la scène (spectacles, conférences, tables rondes...), contactez Alex de Radio No Life  03 63 53 48 25


The fair is fully organised by volunteers. We thus do not have much money to pay for animation and conferences which does not mean they are not good, far from it!

The main stage will be around 10x5 metres.

Conference Stage

Since 2017, the fair has a stage dedicated to conferences.


It is around 8x3 metres.


We do not have the necessary equipement for concerts. You would have to come with your own.

You can only play amplified music during the first or last 20 minutes of the fair.

Shows, Groups, Companies

We cannot afford to pay for shows or companies to come on stage.

We can only function on a vonlunteering basis.


To come on stage, please contact Alex (see higher on the page).

To show your art in the alleyways feel free to contact us at


Come on, Associations! Organizing a big game during the fair is a good way to receive a small free booth, which should be near the entrance.


Guillaume has several ideas (Bananamafia, Spies / Contrepions, Vampires and Exorcists, Treasure Hunt) so you can call him at 06 16 11 56 16 to discuss it.


And do not hesitate if you have projects of your own you would like to suggest, we are always glad to have new ideas!


Warning: if you commit to organize a big game, we let you organize everything from A to Z, from the logistics to the rewards. We will only provide you with the stand. Of course, we will help you with the communication, the search for rewards... but do not rely too much on us, especially during the fair as we will be overwhelmed.

Nos aventures quotidiennes - Suivez-nous sur les réseaux sociaux !

Venez nous voir !

Paris, Parc Floral


Métro ligne 1 – Station Château de Vincennes



Bus ligne 112, 201, 46

Quand ?

Samedi 28 août et Dimanche 29 août 2021


Samedi : 9h - 19h

Dimanche : 9h- 17h

Quoi ?

De la littérature, de la BD,

des jeux, des artistes

et artisans, du fantastique

et de l'Imaginaire, du jeu de rôle Grandeur Nature,

des artefacts, des costumes,

de la mode et de la fête !

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Crédit image de fond: Mathieu Coudray