Editors and authors, game creators, comic artists, filmmakers, musicians, artists and craftsmen will be united around the thematic of the fantastical and more widely science-fiction, adventure and imaginary.


For items, we avoid retailers and wish to only have craftsmen. 

Exhibitors list

Find the Exhibitors list of the Salon Fantastique n°6 on Fichit.com, the first online database generator.


The registrations for November 2017 are open and there are spots left.

It is from November 3th to the 5th, at l’Espace Champerret in Paris.

The prices are still 50€/m² for the Salon Fantastique of November and will gradually rise up to 80€/m².


For November, there is no outdoors: everything is indoors.

There is a parking lot (independently managed by Vinci) but no truck parking.

There is no selection beforehand: we allow everyone and until now casting errors have been extremely rare. As long as the link is up, the registrations are open.


Exhibitors of the Salon Fantastique n° 6, register here

To do so click on “je m’inscris” and fill in the form then create a “fiche” in this category (see the link)  by clicking on “+Fiche(s)” at the top right of the page then fill in the form and send your payment immediately (no payment = no spot).


Send your payment in one setting by cheque to Fantastic Events SAS, paying the spot and the furniture at the following address.

c/o M. BESANÇON Guillaume

82 rue Bonaparte75006 Paris


To pay by bank transfer:






N° compte






IBAN (International Bank Account Number)

FR76 3006 6100 6100 0207 1320 137

BIC (Bank Identifier Code)


Titulaire du compte (Account Owner)



75006 PARIS Domiciliation



Any question? Guillaume to the +33616115616

Many thanks!

Paper registration form for those who cannot fill in the form online
If you cannot register through Fichit, there is still the paper option to send via mail
Registration form Nov 2017[8355].docx
Document Microsoft Word 17.0 KB
Here is a little explanatory scheme to better understand how the stalls are organised.
Here is a little explanatory scheme to better understand how the stalls are organised.

Sharing a booth

One physical or moral person orders the booth and has its responsibility. They can then have other people come.

If you tell us in advance the name and craft of the other exhibitors in the booth, we can announce their presence (like yours) on our Facebook page (see below: "Animation and communication").

Animation and communication

Each booth has to offer an animation (signings, demos, costumes, giving awards…) and be decorated.

For every animation (workshops, wandering, demos, conferences...), please send me a short text and some photos at guillaumebesanconlejoueur@gmail.com.


To allow us to share and announce you on our Facebook page, please send to Guillaume Besançon a description of your exhibits programme and/or animation (between 200 and 300 characters). If you can send us a logo and couple images as well as the link to your website and/or to your Facebook page, it would be great.

As we decided to write only one post a day, besides the posts announcing an exhibitor's presence, we only share the funniest and more appealing messages.


For signings

Editors, please send us a list in alphabetical order with the name of the authors (and their approximate time of arrival) and their books less than three months before the fair; else we will not be able to put you in the programme.


We encourage every exhibitor to communicate about the fair by announcing it on their website and on their Facebook page upon registration, then once again at the beginning of August and one last time a week before the fair.


To appear on stage (shows, conferences ...) contact Alex from Radio No Life rosariolex@gmail.com  +


As the Salon Fantastique is mainly free for visitors (with 5000 free tickets online and free entry for costumed people), we do not have the money for animations which are done for free (as well as the organisation) Yet, we are pretty demanding.


The stage will be 10 metres by 5. There will not be any platform. It will include tree 120-centimetre tables and eight chairs. It is ver minimalistic. We are lucky enough to have a scenery by Sophie Irvin but the result is a secret


In November there will be a second stage solely for literary conferences, managed by Estelle.


There will be a sitted audience in a space of 10 metre by 10 (eight rows of ten chairs with a central alleyway) and a standing audience in a space of approximately 10 metres by 5 without chairs.


There will also be an amplifier with a mixing deck, two speakers and the possibility to use audio files from external storage.

Costume contest, theme "Magic and Wonders"

3 rounds (time to be determined):

Friday 5PM

Saturday 3PM to 4PM

Sunday 3PM to 4PM


You can enter as a group. 


We do not have the necessary equipment to host a concert. You have to come with your own. The Salon Fantastique is quite quiet, thus, music with amplifiers is only possible the first and last 20 minutes of the fair (credit-song style).

Acoustic music and Dancers

Every show with reasonable volume is welcome.

There are three ways a show can happen:

  • On stage Sunday afternoon and Monday evening as a closing show. (You would have to contact Alex)
  • As a musical interlude between conferences (You would also have to contact Alex)
  • On a free place meant for free expression
Those musical times cannot exceed 15 minutes
If you want to sell CDs please, take a booth (less expensive at 150€)
If you play music on your booth, it has to be by 15 minutes settings maximum and only acoustic. The idea being that the exhibitors surrounding you might be bothered.

Promotion by giving awards

You can increase your visibility by bringing items we could use as prizes for the costume contest or the quizz which will take place on stage.

Tell Alex from Radio No Life rosariolex@gmail.com  +33 3 63 53 48 25


Additional inquiries

Once you are registered, if you need to make additional inquiries fill this in.


Careful! It is more expensive than the inquiries made upon registration.

Shows, Groups, Troupes

We are barely at equilibrium (or even lower) for 2017 and it is certain that we will not have enough money to pay shows, groups or troupes since we do not want to change the free-ticket system.

Thus we can only have artists for free, sorry.


To appear on stage, contact Alex.

To appear on the alleyways is totally free, there is no need to have a programme or anything, just come.


For fire show, it has to be outdoors. You will have to have someone to cover the risks (someone trained to the dangers of fire with extinguishing material).For shows with any kind of danger like fire or stunts: send at least 3 weeks before the fair your insurance for this type of activity as we are not covered over these risks at guillaumebesanconlejoueur@gmail.com.Are we not a little annoying for volunteer shows? Yes, a little. But even one tiny accident could put the whole faire in jeopardy.


The Salon Fantastique is a rather quiet event. We cannot have a background sound/music nor use a microphone, except for the stage or for one-off animations.


If you want to sign, you have to take a booth or ask your editor to do so.

You do not have to be an editor to take a booth.


Associations who are only doing animations, please fill in the form as any other exhibitors would at http://fichit.com/salon-fantastique-6-exposants.c-322, but you will not pay anything. Three months before the fair we will select the applicants and will inform you of our choice.

Great Games

Hear ye! Hear ye! Associations! Organising a great game throughout the whole fair is a good way to have a little free booth, most likely close to the entrance.


Guillaume has some ideas (Bananamafia, Spies/Counterspies, Vampires and Exorcists, Treasure hunts, LARP…), call him at the 06 16 11 56 16.

Do not hesitate to come up with your own projects.


CAREFUL! If you dive in the organisation of a great game, you have to organise the whole thing from beginning to end, from logistics to rewards, we only give the booth. Of course we will help you to communicate, look for rewards… but do not rely on us, especially on site: we will be overworked.


We will ask for a temporary liquor licence for non-distilled fermented beverages (group III: wine, beer, cider, champagne and nonalcoholic beverages). There is no reason for us not to get it.

Food and drinks

We are looking for creative chefs to come to the fair! If you own a food-truck or if you serve fantastical meals please read this:


First, the bad news: food selling booths have to pay a 10-percent fee of their sales revenue to the venue in addition to the usual rent.


Anyways, we ask you for 40 meals (dish, drink, dessert) a day for the volunteers. If you only sell beverages to drink on the spot it will be 40 nonalcoholic beverages. If you only sell pastries, 40 pastries a day and so on…

The first day is a little particular as we set up until 3PM and then the fair is open until 8PM. We still ask you for 40 meals but half for lunch and half for dinner.

Furthermore, if you please could give your leftovers that you will not be able to serve the next day to the volunteer we would appreciate.


You will not sell that much the first day yet Saturday will be quite full. I have nothing very precise to tell but three hundred meals seem reachable on Saturday.


Last year, we had sixteen thousand people. The number of exhibitors serving lunch was clearly insufficient. There is room for one or two more stalls.The food served has to have some connection to the Imaginary. Your stall has to be decorated and you shall wear a costume. Use your imagination!


Electricity supply

During the day: 450€ NET up to 6kW, double beyond that

Day and night: 800€ NET up to 6kW, double beyond that

It matches the prices of the venue rounded up.


Event plumbing

Here are the prices plus 300€ to cover any intervention due to misuse.



Sink 200€Dishwashing 300€

Surcharge for Grease Tank (according to usage) 300€

Surcharge for Hot water cylinder 15 litres (including electric connection commissioned to the provider) 600€

Hot water cylinder 100 to 200 litres 300€


CONNECTION SERVICE DELIVERY (including maintenance)

Installing and removing supply with pump package 500€

Client’s devices connection 150€


Exhibitors serving savoury food

Registrations are limited to three stalls, possibly four. We do not canvass food stalls except if we still do not have enough stalls four months before the fair.

Furthermore, we do not accept stalls that have a similar offer to those already registered.

Les Caves Alliées, Super Fringales, Paintcakes and venue distributors are not subject to these restrictions.

Additional badges

Exhibitors (exposants) badges additional to the those provided upon registration have to be ordered on Weezevent (it will be pricier than upon registration). It will still be possible on site but it will be even pricier (50€ per badge).


Why this raise you ask? Weezevent takes a commission and since we are a little understaffed we try to limit what we will have to manage at the last minute.


Q: “Is it possible to offer prizes for m² as previous years?”

A: We do not barter anymore. Offering prizes for the contest has to be first and foremost to help the Salon Fantastique and a way to offer you visibility.


Q: “I wanted to know what the policy is for exhibitors offering an activity or conferences with authors”

A: Each exhibitor has to offer an animation. We do not offer booths for animation or conferences. If you do not sell anything and you represent an association or are a private individual, fill in your form as usual but do not pay anything. Two or three months before the fair we will assess each application and inform you of our choice. Else the spot will be payable.


The installation takes place the first day from 11AM to 3PM.


It is possible to park thirty minutes in the yard to unload your car/truck. You must display your phone number and your booth number and name on the windshield so that we can contact you if necessary.

Tables and chairs will be stacked for you to come and retrieve.


Exhibitors can come at 8AM every day, it will be more precise soon.


Dismantling: the last day from 5PM to 9PM.

Fall Salon Fantastique Porte de Champerret specificities

Exhibitors registration

Registration here : http://fichit.com/salon-fantastique-6-exposants.c-322

Click on +Fiche(s) at the top right. 

Private information are only seen by organisers


Long term parking payable to Vinci Parc +33143807381

Why is it so expensive?

Certains exposants nous font remarquer que d'autres festivals, en particulier en province, étaient beaucoup moins chers. Beaucoup de municipalités de province subventionnent des festivals ou donnent des salles gratuitement. Et hélas tout est beaucoup plus cher sur Paris. 

C'est cher aussi parce que c'est gratuit pour beaucoup de visiteurs. 

Nous comprenons parfaitement que sortir plusieurs centaines d'euros pour un stand n'est pas simple pour tout le monde. Mais on tire les prix au plus bas, personne n'est payé dans l'équipe pour bosser comme des fous pour organiser tout ça et on prend des gros risques avec nos propres sous. Masochistes ? Non, juste passionnés. 

Il est important que chacun des deux Salons Fantastiques de 2017 soit à l'équilibre, sinon il ne pourra pas y en avoir d'autres. Mais si on prend de tels risques financiers, c'est parce qu'on est persuadé que le soutien de toute la communauté va permettre au Salon Fantastique de s'en sortir. On a payé les salles pour deux salons de suite, c'est dire notre confiance en vous. 

Le prix coûtant d'un m² revient à 50 €, voir le budget plus bas (et si on n'arrive pas à tout commercialiser, on en est de notre poche). 

On commence la commercialisation à un prix très bas car on aime bien être rassuré sur le fait que ça se remplit bien (inscrivez-vous vite !). On termine avec un prix un peu plus élevé car faire tout à la dernière minute a un "coût" pour nous : le stress. 

L'année dernière le salon a perdu 15 000 euros et cette année le but est d'être juste à l'équilibre. Nous ne faisons de prix spécial à personne parce que ça reviendrait à ce que le stand d'à côté paie pour vous. 

Guillaume explains his part

The Salon Fantastique is a totally volunteer project. At first it was supposed to be organised by the Association Promenons-nous dans les bois but to protect my patrimony (I own my apartment), I hosted the Salon Fantastique in the society Fichit SAS à capital variable, also created to support the website fichit.com (the first online database generator). With that, in case of accident or financial catastrophe, I do not have to sell my apartment and my children will not have to be on the streets. Since then I also created Fantastic Event for the fair of November.

Still, I am volunteering on this project as everyone else. For 2017 we aim for equilibrium, he hope to have some earnings in 2018. The first earnings will be used to hire someone to handle the administrative part of it. I will stay unpaid for at least a couple of years. Many volunteers insure the success and atmosphere of the event but we are understaffed for the organisation beforehand. That is why the administrative is quite expeditive (all the more than we do not especially like it).


To help us it is here.

Wanted: Comic Book Store

If you are a comic book store and are willing to set a store for the fair, you are more than welcome. We will need more than one store: one for comic books, one for French-Belgian comics, and one for mangas; it can be the same one.

As a store has a lot of work to do beforehand, we offer you 2 angles, as many exhibitors wristband as necessary for your authors and 10 tickets to use them as prices of some sorts.

If only sell comics of signing authors, the price of your stall goes down to 30€/m².

Journalists gift bags 2018

For 2017, exhibitors already prepared them (Terre de Cuir in November).The first exhibitor who will propose to take care of those for May 2018 or November 2018 will be in charge of that.

This quest will consist in finding 150 bags, ask other exhibitors to put interesting things for VIP and journalists, in receiving flyers and goodies made by other exhibitors partly before the fair, partly during it, and in preparing a stable and beautiful signage to show where the fair is.

General Terms

Art.1 Sending the participation request entails, for the exhibitor, to abide by the present rules.

The exhibitors undertake to apply these articles without any reservation. Any contravener will automatically be excluded of present and future events. The exclusion will not result in any sorts of reimbursement


Art.2 Registration is valid upon filling the registration form, presenting the necessary administrative documents and paying. The payment has to be done in one setting. You have an eight-day withdrawal period except if the fair starts in less than eight days after your registration (you can then withdraw until the first hour of installation). If you withdraw, you will be totally reimbursed except if there have already been expenses incurred upon your specific registration. If so, we will not reimburse you: it is not convenient to have a “whole” in our finances.


Art.3 Spots have to be occupied by the sole signatories of the admission file from beginning to end during opening hours. No sublease in any form is allowed without a written agreement from the organiser. Within opening hours, the stalls are under the exhibitor’s responsibility. The organiser does not insure against theft.


Art.4 The exhibitor must stay within the limits of their designated spot. For safety measures, the main alleyways must be free of passage throughout the event.


Art.5 The exhibitor commits to making an effort of presentation and decoration on their stall to give some character to the event and not to paint preexisting cloths and partitions.


Art.6 Electric material set up by the exhibitor must respect the applicable safety standards. Every cloth displayed by the exhibitor must be flame retardant. The installation of the stall must respect the applicable safety standards, especially fire.


Art.7 In accordance to the legislation, prices must be displayed on each product. Jewelry and precious metals have to be in order with quality check. Exhibitors commit to following every legal and administrative regulation.


Art.8 As to installation and dismantling, exhibitors have to follow the precise time given in the technical information sheets. Dismantling outside of these hours will be under the exhibitor's responsibility.


Art.9 The fair managers decide of admissions, exclusion, approval and refusal of registration. Their decision is indisputable. Being able to use a spot does not give property nor priority to anyone for the future events in any way. Stall attribution is the exclusive right of the fair organisers.


Art.10 The organiser’s liability is insured for damage to third parties. The organiser cannot be held responsible if the case is not covered by the insurance against theft, deterioration, loss, fire, personal accidents, or any technical failure occurring during the event; including during installation and disassembling – day and night – besides, the organiser cannot be held responsible for lack of visitors or insufficient number of exhibitors.


Art.11 Sending a registration form commits to abiding by these rules and any rules the organiser might adopt thereafter. The exhibitor abstains from appealing against the organizer, their insurance company, and the city in the event of loss, theft or damages that might occur to their product, displayed material, or themselves. Any infringement to these rules can lead to the stall’s immediate closure and legal action in damages. In the event of litigation, however described, only the Tribunal de Commerce de Paris will be competent. Sending a registration form shall be understood as acceptance of complying with these rules firmly and definitively.

Draft Budget NET

Draft Expenses  
5 000 Plans 1 600
5 000 posters 80 x 60 678
40 000 Flyers 788
Signaling 3000
Wristbands, ticket... 1 150
Guards 4 000
Rental 30 000
Service related to the venue* 25 000
Heating 900
Safety fee 2175
Renting 2 sound systems and 4 mics 640
Ads on the internet 2375
Grids or Paritions 2 702
Evenquip - Tables and chairs 5 756
Cleaning 2 501
3 402
Divers 3 000
Provisions 10 000
TOTAL 88 108
Draft Revenues  
1100 m² of stalls at 50€/m² 55 000
10000 entrées gratuites 0

4000 5€-payable tickets

1 500 10€-payable tickets

20 000

15 000

TOTAL  90 000


* Including 5000€ for power


Exhibitors May 2017

Find all the exhibitors here.


Exhibitors 2016

Find out more information on our exhibitors here.


Authors signing in the official bookstore managed by Mythologica are announced in the Gests tab.


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Nos aventures quotidiennes


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