Who organises the Salon Fantastique?

The Salon Fantastic is organised by Fantastic Events SASU. The organisers are all passionate volunteers who love the Imaginary. They are not paid. Guillaume Besançon is the Exhibition Manager.

Where and how to park?

Following the new regulation (since 01/02/15), you will find all the information needed here


Parking is not free on Saturdays.

How much is a ticket for the Salon Fantastique?

Presales are free except on Saturday.

On site, a ticket will be 10€.

In any case, entrance is free for costumed people (no need to buy or pre-buy anything).

Can we enter with weapons?

ARE FORBIDDEN: Any gun real or realistic fake.

Is there a dressing room?

To be determined for November

Why isn’t there ambient music?

On the one hand, we would not hear it (or very little) because of the noise from the crowd; on the other hand, the SACEM rights are expensive. That is why we ask artists to do wandering animations in the alleyways (who also come for free - sometimes for non-financial compensation).

Why aren’t the exhibitors grouped by categories? (i.e Editors, Craftsmen…)

Grouping exhibitors would take away some magic from the fair. It insures warmth for both exhibitors and visitors (felt by most of them).From a visitor’s point of view it favours discoveries. Grouping exhibitors by categories would mean that for example a visitor only coming for literature would not discover craftsmen they could like. By mixing categories together, visitors can explore new horizons they probably would not see otherwise.

Nos aventures quotidiennes


Paris, Espace Champerret

6 Rue Jean Oestreicher, 75017 Paris

Métro Porte de Champerret

Quand ?

Du 3 au 5 Novembre

Vendredi: 16h - 20h

Samedi: 10h - 19h

Dimanche: 10h - 17h


De la littérature, de la BD, des jeux, du fantastique et de l'Imaginaire, du GN, des artéfacts, des costumes, de la mode et de la fête!


Crédit image de fond: Mathieu Coudray