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LARP, Lightsaber fighting, Arena, Book signings, Philharmonic concert of video games music

“The Salon Fantastique is filling up with animation”


On the crest of the popularity of the first four opuses, the Salon Fantastique comes back for a fifth edition next week (May the 6th, 7th and 8th). As every year, the fair grows by a third: a third more space, a third more craftsmen (and women), illustrators, authors and animations.


This year, we emphasized on animations. They are all organized by volunteers (as is the whole fair) and free. There will be a stage, two arenas, two spaces of free expression as well as many animations throughout the whole fair.

Conferences, preview of web series, costume contest, quiz, book signings, concerts, hypnotists, game tales: all your senses will be immerged in imaginary worlds.

You will discover role playing and board games explained by aficionados; will try Troll ball, LARP fighting, tribal dance, historical fencing, Lightsaber wielding, even a Kung Fu class and so much more! As every year, the Apaches de Paname, Canne & Dragons and Lateral 13 will be there for demos and initiations in Canne de combat.

You will also discover massive games for a few hours or throughout the three days of the fair such as: The Quest of the Ring or The Killer on cell phones.

Here are two thorough descriptions of extraordinary games :


Live Action role play game “The fantastic doors”

It is the opportunity to discover Live Action Role Play (LARP) in Paris and for free. Usually practiced in huge places in the country thus almost never in Ile-de-France let alone in Paris.

Join one of the seven factions who will engage in a merciless battle to take over the Nexus: The Pointy ears, The Steampunk, Those-who-come-from-a-galaxy-far-far-away, The fangs, The Knights, The Monstrous ones or The Abyssal Pirates.

The LARP will alternate between diplomatic negotiations and gigantic battles. The winning faction of each battle is granted a vote for the final election of the Emperor. Alliances, negotiations and betrayal are the key narrative elements of this LARP open to beginners as well as more experienced players.

“The Fantastic doors” is a diplomatic LARP which will last the entire fair yet you do not have to be there the whole week-end even if it is more fun.

For more information:


The game of secret societies




Join the Illuminatis, the Reptilians or the Cthulhu disciples and infiltrate de Salon Fantastique looking for Generators: stallholders giving access to the mysterious cards of the Game.

Those cards are the crux of the game, they allow you to win points thus helping your team to win! But be careful! The cards are also associated to one of the three societies and only those that belong to yours will give you points

Retrieve one of those precious cards by convincing the Generator to give it to you by any means and by going back to the base to drop the loot.

On your way there, beware of the ambushes: fight other secret societies by discarding your opponents’ cards. Over all, stay discreet! The survival of your secret society depends on it!


In a nut shell the Salon fantastique is:

-          Over a hundred authors for book signings (complete list:

-          Pixelphonia, a philharmonic concert of forty instruments playing themes from video games classics on Sunday night and Sunday morning (see more:

-          The Geek Singer: A cappella group of thirty singing nerdy music ie. Music from movies, series, video games…

-          Free entrance for people in costume

-          Over two hundred exhibitors loving their work (full list: ).



May the 6th, the 7th and the 8th of 2017 at the Paris Event Center

Metro: Porte de la Villette

Saturday: 3:30 PM – 10:00 PM

Sunday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Monday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM


I will happily send you 2 entries for this year (ask for them at:

And good to know for your followers, there are free places remaining for Monday (available at:


For any information or an interview, the exhibition manager is free to answer :

Guillaume Besançon : + 33 (0) 6 16 11 56 16


Press image :



The Fantasy in Paris

The Salon Fantastique will take place at Porte de la Villette in Paris the 6th, 7th and 8th of may 2017. This fair celebrates fantasy literature, comics, movies, games, art and fun!

Guillaume Besançon created this world totally dedicated to all fantasy fans. This event takes place twice a year during 3 days and we are awaiting about 20 000 persons.


The Salon Fantastique is a tribute to imaginary worlds, fantasy books and games, as cultural objects. Join us for this FAN-TAS-TIC event!


The theme of the fair is « Monsters and Wonders » This is the 5th edition and it promises dazzling costumes as well as highly varied animations like a philharmonic concert of video games music or our traditional costumes contest with freat rewards!

Moreover, for every costumed guest the admission at the Salon Fantastique will be free.


A cultural event:

Hundreds of exhibitors coming from every horizons are brought together to offer a moment of escape to our public of all ages, coming from all over France and Belgium.

Our vocation is to promote imaginary culture. The Salon Fantastique is very diversified. There is something for everyone.


The organizers :

All organizers are volunteers.

Guillaume Besançon is the creator of the event.

Mathieu Coudray is the artistic director.


Contact Presse

Guillaume BESANÇON

+ 33 (0) 6 16 11 56 16

Nos aventures quotidiennes

Où ?

Paris, Espace Champerret

6 Rue Jean Oestreicher, 75017 Paris

Métro Porte de Champerret

Quand ?

6, 7 et 8 mai 2017

Horaires premier jour : 16h - 20h

Horaires deuxième jour : 10h - 19h

Horaires dernier jour : 10h - 17h

Quoi ?

De la littérature, de la BD, des jeux, du fantastique, de l'imaginaire, du jeu de rôle grandeur nature, des artefacts, des costumes, de l'art, de la mode, des geekeries, de la fête !