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Since October 2012, the Salon Fantastique showcases the Imaginary cultures.

Authors, craftsmen, costume designers, role players, publishers, musicians and even illustrators will meet to make you experience a fantastical week-end.


We are launching registrations (for stallholders) and presales (for visitors) for the Salon Fantastique n° 6, which will take place November the 3rd, the 4th and the 5th at l’Espace Champerret, Paris (Metro 3, Porte de Champerret).

  • Registration for exhibitors (price starting at 40€/ m² ; raises as time goes)
  • Presales for visitors (the first tickets are free):
  • Registration for journalists:
Magic and Wonders
This edition’s theme will be “Magic and Wonders” – it already ensures amazing costumes as well as diverse animations, for example our traditional costume contest, with great awards to the winners!
Entering the Salon Fantastique will be, as usual, free for any person wearing a costume!
A cultural and fun event
200 exhibitors, mainly craftsmen, from all backgrounds, will be gathered together to offer some wonders to our audience.
200 authors in book signings to discover their worlds.
100 tables for roleplay and board games.
4 games that will last the whole fair.
3 stages.
An objective of 20 000 visitors.
The whole organisation is done by volunteers.
Guillaume Besançon is the founder of the event.
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Guillaume BESANÇON

+ 33 (0) 6 16 11 56 16

Nos aventures quotidiennes


Paris, Espace Champerret

6 Rue Jean Oestreicher, 75017 Paris

Métro Porte de Champerret

Quand ?

Du 3 au 5 Novembre

Vendredi: 16h - 20h

Samedi: 10h - 19h

Dimanche: 10h - 17h


De la littérature, de la BD, des jeux, du fantastique et de l'Imaginaire, du GN, des artéfacts, des costumes, de la mode et de la fête!


Crédit image de fond: Mathieu Coudray